How to Manage Trademark Infringement Concerns During Live Events​

How to Manage Trademark Infringement Concerns During Live Events​

Lauren Dienes-Middlen

Senior Vice President, Assistant General Counsel - Intellectual Property | World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Session: How to Manage Trademark Infringement Concerns during Live Events

Lauren A. Dienes-Middlen is vice president of intellectual property for the international media and entertainment company. She counsels business groups regarding branding strategy for enhancing and developing strong trademark rights worldwide, including proper selection and use of marks. Ms. Dienes-Middlen is also responsible for all trademark availability analyses as well as the prosecution of trademark applications and registrations in the United States and more than 80 countries, currently consisting of more than 8,000 active and registered marks. She also manages all trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings worldwide.

She is responsible for procuring and maintaining the company’s domain name portfolio of approximately 2,000 URLs worldwide. In addition, Ms. Dienes-Middlen negotiates and drafts the company’s consumer products license agreements worldwide, cause marketing agreements, product placement contracts, location agreements, photographer agreements, model releases, non-disclosure agreements, and settlement and co-existence agreements. Ms. Dienes-Middlen also manages WWE’s Anti-Piracy Program, overseeing the enforcement of WWE’s rights through the monitoring of online piracy and DMCA takedowns, cease-and-desist notices for sale of counterfeit physical goods, domain name arbitrations, seizures, and litigation before courts worldwide.