A Conversation on the State of eDiscovery

Join us for a conversation where we’ll discuss what the key issues are in the Covid-19 world we are facing, the impact on eDiscovery, and Kelly’s views on identifying opportunities for growth in this challenging time. Rich Smith of Page One Legal will moderate this open and honest dialogue.

Links Referenced:
Facebook Internet Tracking (19:55)
Bellamy v. Wal-Mart (24:21)
Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(6) (32:48)

Kelly Twigger

Founder, eDiscovery Assistant & Principal, ESI Attorneys

Recognized by Corporate eDiscovery as one of the voices driving the conversation in eDiscovery, Kelly Twigger is a practicing attorney, software developer, blogger, author, and speaker on issues in electronic discovery and legal technology. As Principal at ESI Attorneys, Kelly manages a boutique eDiscovery and information law firm that acts as operational business partners with its clients to advise law firms, corporations and municipalities on all areas of electronic information including eDiscovery, privacy, cyber security and information governance. 

Kelly is passionate about teaching lawyers how to identify and leverage electronically stored information for the best outcomes. She is the creator and founder of eDiscovery Assistant, an online resource for case law, rules, checklists, forms and learning in electronic discovery. Kelly is a regular blogger on Above the Law and for ESI Attorneys and eDiscovery Assistant and one of the co-authors of Electronic Discovery and Records and Information Management, published by West and updated annually.  

You can reach Kelly at kelly@ediscoveryassistant.com, join her Facebook community group at Let’s Talk eDiscovery, or connect with her on Twitter @kellytwigger

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