Virtual Litigation: The Future?

Stephen Embry & Meggan Sullivan walk us through the present capabilities of virtual litigation, how it’s currently being used, and the advantages. They also give insight on what the future might hold in virtual litigation.

Stephen Embry

Principal, TechLaw Crossroads

Stephen is a frequent speaker, blogger and writer. He publishes TechLaw Crossroads, a blog devoted to the examination of the tension between technology, the law and the practice of law.

He is co-chair of Secretary and part of the Leadership Council of the ABA’s Law Practice Division. Stephen serves as Chair of the Kentucky Bar Association’s Law Practice Task Force and Webinar Chair and Steering Committee member of Defense Research Institute’s Law Practice Management section. Stephen is a national litigator and advisor primarily in the mass tort, business and consumer class action, and privacy and data breach arenas.

Connect with Stephen on TechLaw Crossroads, or email him at

Meggan Sullivan

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Meggan is a versatile trial attorney offering a solid track record of
litigation success and experience in various facets of criminal law,
employment law and law enforcement advising. Over her career she has thrived in a courtroom setting and excelled at client rapport, discovery, and deposition. She is a proven civil servant advising high ranking government officials and law enforcement on complex legal issues involving the safety and security of the United States.

You can email her at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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